The Language of Desire – How to Talk Dirty to a Guy

The Language of Desire – How to Talk Dirty to a GuyIf you want to learn how to talk dirty to a guy, you don’t need to go watch a bunch of porn or read fan fiction. Most women don’t have the time or want for that. But what they do want is to learn how to talk dirty for their boyfriend or husband without feeling like some kind of prostitute or one-night stand.

How to Talk Dirty – A Woman’s Struggle


Understanding this need, forty-something single (and slightly overweight) mom Felicity Keith stumbled into the solution for women everywhere. One night, her loving husband of years asked her to talk dirty to him—she couldn’t. Later that night, she found Kevin’s side of the bed empty and followed the noises to find him pleasuring himself to porn.

Shocked and hurt, Felicity decided that she could ignore this as Kevin came back to bed to spoon, she could get mad, or she could figure out how to talk dirty to her husband so that she was the only person he needed sexually.

What is the Language of Desire?


The Language of Desire is Felicity’s ultimate findings, which started off with a retired phone sex operator who taught her about the “power of the feminine voice.” When properly harnassed, this power unleashed a torrent of sexual desire from her husband. Luckily, Felicity wrote everything down she learned as she went along and now anyone can learn how to talk dirty to a guy using her scientific masterpiece, the Language of Desire.

In it, you’ll find Felicity’s research from:

  • Guy friends she got drunk so they’d break the Bro Code and tell her everything about talking dirty
  • Interviews with college professors and evolutionary psychologists
  • Hundreds of “smut” stories that men read online

All of this valuable information straight from the horse’s mouth, science and field research was analyzed boiled down into 33 tips and tricks on how to talk dirty that are guaranteed to wake up the sexual desire in any man you choose.

Language of Desire Review—The Owner’s Manual to the Male Mind


The Language of Desire – How to Talk Dirty to a GuyThe majority of these 33 tips and tricks focus on how the female voice releases a flood of dopamine—the brain’s pleasure hormone—in the male mind. This is the same dopamine that causes chocolate addicts and heroin addicts to feel an artificial rush the same way a passionate first love kiss or winning the lottery can create a natural dopamine rush.

Simply talking dirty to a man using the techniques you’ll learn in the Language of Desire is enough to keep any man you want focused on you and only you. You will become the object of his desire. No matter what, when he looks at you all he’s going to see is his lover and want to be inside you all the time. The Language of Desire is that powerful.

What Do You Learn in the Language of Desire?


Other than learning how to talk dirty to a guy in general, you’ll learn some very specific tricks and techniques. Felicity designed and named each, borrowing from science, real-life experience, field research and most of all, what guys have told her about how they become emotionally impotent from their lovers. This includes amazingly effective dirty talk techniques such as:

  • Pavlov’s Erection. Just as the bell caused Pavlov’s dog to salivate, you can have your man salivating over you with just one simple phrase.
  • The Cuddle Hormone. Learn how to trigger this powerful “protect” response from your man so he’ll want to do nothing else other than to wrap you up in his arms.
  • The Porn Destroyer. Say these magic words and he’ll turn off the online porn for good, wanting your body more than any images he thought had previously turned him on.
  • Erotic Telepathy. Use this technique to go right past his walls and defenses to find his secret fantasies and desires, ones even he doesn’t know about. Then, to his surprise, play them out.

There are so many more techniques such as the Tease Intensifier, the Lust Mirror, the Desire Seed, the Oral Intensifier, the Erotic Action Movie—it makes no sense to list them all when it’s easier for you to just click here and learn how to talk dirty to a man, straight from The Language of Desire itself.


Learn The Secret How To Talk Dirty To A Guy